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Fit 4 The Cause


Fit 4 The Cause provides diverse exercise and nutrition education programs for low-income communities, many of them with special needs.  We serve thousands of beneficiaries including vulnerable children, at-risk teens and fragile seniors in Ventura, Simi Valley, Conejo Valley and the San Fernando Valley.  We continue to keep our communities together during the pandemic, offering virtual classes daily.

“One of the things I like the most about Fit 4 The Cause and the team’s approach is the connection between non-profits.”

William H. Powell

We love community partnerships. We don’t see them as competition–we see that as collaboration, and that’s really what charity is supposed to be.


TAX ID 46-5400388

Your dollars directly support fitness and nutrition programs for low-income communities, including those with special needs. As an IRS determined non-profit organization, we know it is our duty to allocate 70% of our donations directly to our tailored programs for low-income communities. Through a grant from Ventura’s Human Service Center, we enjoy living rent-free with Community Conscience’s 12 local non-profit agencies, working together in serving our community’s needs. Mitigating operational costs, the organization’s founder waives her corporate officer’s salary, bringing healthy habits to those low-income groups who need it most.


  • What has been done thus far with Fit 4 The Cause is most impressive.  Lots of mind-boggling effort, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness.
    Noeleta E. LaceyAdvanced Records Management Inc.
  • "Without organizations like Fit 4 The Cause, we can't do what we do."
    Bonnie SchlachteBallet For All Kids
  • This community class is open to everyone at no charge. The Fit 4 The Cause community makes you feel welcome immediately. Even as a novice, I have fun and easily follow along. This class is motivating and allows you to concentrate on being in the moment. When the class ends, I have so much energy that lasts through the weekend.
    Shelley YukelsonBeneficiary
  • I am a survivor. But, since meeting and working with Cindy – I am now Thriving! This week, I went to The City of Hope for my lab work and check-up with my oncologist. The results are in and quite simply…..I am outstanding. I have never been this fit, developing core strength, and healthier in general.
    Lesli Moore DahlkeBeneficiary

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