The Anthem Blue Cross cafeteria in Woodland Hills was filled with anticipation preceding a recent Fit 4 The Cause corporate “fun”-raiser. Slowly but surely, employees and guest participants gathered at the corporate commissary in their sweat repellant attire and athletic shoes. At 5:30pm, an army of enthusiastic and nimble warriors flooded the room ready for a fitness battle.

photo 1The catalyst, with his alter-ego DJ HOE, also known as Henry Eshelman, began turning it up with his playlist of up-tempo and heart thumping beats that even challenged the Anthem Blue Cross team of in-house trainers. Up to the main stage walked the maestro of the event, former Olympic figure skater, Jonathan DePaz, whose swift moves and motions are jaw-dropping admirable. After relevant, educational words from Mark Morgan, President of Anthem Blue Cross as well as a California representative for American Diabetes Association, the main attraction begins. Naturally, Jonathan started out with a slow-paced warm-up, but soon realized that the participants were equipped to engage in a high intensity workout. As the participants began to perspire, they were aware of how their participation had a positive societal impact. While engaging in ultra-premium group exercise activity, participants felt great because they were sweating for a cause. American Diabetes Association educates the public about diabetes, while improving the lives of those affected by this disease.

After a grueling fifty minutes of a cardio-blasting and fat burning workout, participants enjoyed a long cool down led by Fit 4 The Cause Founder and President, Cindy Rakowitz.

With the workouts complete, it is important to reiterate the reasons why everyone gathered at Anthem Blue Cross. Cindy speaks with such emotion and compassion, that the audience could not help but truly understand her message. We, as a community, can strive to better society by means of connecting and educating the public about health-related issues. Fit 4 The Cause produces educational events for organizations and individuals who care about wellness. With nearly $1000.00 dollars raised in an hour (thanks to a corporate match by Anthem Blue Cross), this “fun”- raiser was another success. Keep spreading the buzz as Fit 4 the Cause continues to look for more opportunities to improvphoto 2 11.02.48 AMe fitness lifestyles and benefit special populations. Be on the lookout for flash mobs of passionate workout enthusiasts near you. Put on your tank tops, your cross-training shoes and join the movement.


– Written by Sam Felton, Intern and Journalism Major