“At a time when I was feeling helpless, online classes helped more than I could begin to say. Cindy and the organization inspire so many.”

Exercise can help a person feel more hopeful, especially during the current health crisis.

Diane lives in NYC and was unable to continue to exercise when stay at home orders began.

She cant express how difficult it was to be in New York City at that time. It was the epicenter of Covid 19 and NYC was in lockdown. The streets were deserted. It was emotionally grueling and traumatizing.

Training with Fit 4 the Cause allowed Diane to get back into a routine and she has been so grateful. Her Zoom sessions gave her a way to recharge.

Diane has been friends with Cindy for a very long time and has enormous respect for what she’s done with Fit 4 the Cause. Diane says Cindy knew that she needed help emotionally and physically. She offered encouragement, while correcting Diane’s form as needed. “With Fit 4 the Cause, you are being guided by trained professionals,” which means a lot to Diane since she has two herniated discs. physically.


Fit 4 The Cause provides therapeutic exercise and nutrition education programs to low-income communities. Throughout this pandemic, the organization continues to expand its services for at-risk children, fragile seniors and vulnerable groups with special needs. The “Because of You” campaign features these service recipients who are excited to share their personal stories.

Please support our efforts by making a donation to our active non-profit organization, helping us continue to expand our virtual fitness programs for our beneficiaries. It is “Because of You” and your generous donations that we continue to motivate these communities through Zoom and other virtual platforms.