Rick Maina was one of Fit 4 The Cause’s first beneficiaries. Rick suffered severe foot complications after a minor injury due to his Type 2 Diabetes.

In addition to Rick’s health complications, his family found themselves in a financial crisis with hospital bills and the loss of income while Rick was out of work and hospitalized for several months.

Without hesitation, F4TC created the Rick Maina Hospital Fund in tandem with its first “fun” raising cardio kickboxing events. Eighteen months after almost losing his foot, F4TC motivated Rick to participate in the World Famous 10k Mud Run at Camp Pendleton. F4TC continues to stand alongside Rick as he navigates his way through living with Type 2 Diabetes and leading a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and fitness.

Recently, F4TC organized a Diabetes Awareness event at Studio BPM for Rick where the proceeds from a spin class went towards training sessions that have allowed him to maintain his healthy lifestyle.