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  • Getting Down and Dirty

    On the way down to Camp Pendleton for World Famous Mud Run, I became teary-eyed while reviewing our mission and vision for this new non-profit. The dream to help others through group exercise programs began about 7 years ago while morphing into a fitness lifestyle.   The long narrative on the estimated 40-page Form 1023 application for recognition of tax exemption

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  • Nutrition Tip: Watermelon

    It’s that time of the year where we begin seeing this fruit out at BBQs as a side on a hot summer evening. The sweet and refreshing fruit I’m speaking of is watermelon. Deliciousness aside, it has a handful of nutritional benefits and better yet, it’s low in calories! Watermelon contains vitamins and minerals like vitamin A (an antioxidant, and

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  • Nutrition Tip: Hydration

    Spring has ARRIVED and so has the HEAT! During these warm days nothing is more important than HYDRATING, especially when exercising. Here are some tips to make sure you’re keeping yourself hydrated while being active out in the heat!– Drink WATER! You want to drink a good amount of water before a workout (~2-3 cups), during (sipping is necessary) and

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  • Nutrition Tip: Calcium

      CALCIUM: The more we age, the more we should focus on our bone health to prevent the “silent disease” known as Osteoporosis. When we think of calcium, we automatically think milk, cheese and yogurt. But nowadays people often struggle with a condition called “lactose intolerance”. This occurs when the body doesn’t produce the enzyme lactase to break down the sugar lactose

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  • Kicking for Kylie Event

    Last Friday, May 16th, Fit 4 The Cause held a fundraiser for a girl named Kylie, a two-year old fighting Lymphoma. Friends of Kylie’s family and regular gym visitors alike gathered at Stevenson Fitness in Oak Park, California to show their support for Kylie and the cause. After participating in an intense Cardio Kick class,  complete with a live DJ and taught

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  • Hello world!

    Welcome to the Fit 4 The Cause blog! Here we will provide updates on our organization’s growth and the various events we will be hosting in the near future. Thank you for supporting Fit 4 The Cause!

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