The Oaks mall shoppers in Thousand Oaks were in for a surprise on their casual stroll. An hour long, kick ass cardio workout in the middle of the mall, left participants as well as spectators pumped up to help Fit 4 The Cause (“F4TC”) in anyway possible. Led by esteemed fitness gurus, Chris and Lisa Stevenson, participants engaged in furious body sculpting maneuvers accompanied by the upbeat tempos and rocking tunes by DJ Jay Kapp. As the clock struck six, the community’s cardio junkies flash-mobbed JC Penney plaza   The brightly colored F4TC shirts illuminated the mall and caused many wandering shoppers to stop and stare in amazement. Captivated by this healthy flash-mob, the Coffee Bean baristas produced chai lattes while dancing to the catchy music. Although wandering shoppers were fixated on the exercise, many visited the tables where members of the F4TC and Cancer Support Community Valley, Ventura, Santa Barbara provided educational information. F4TC and Cancer Support Community are perfect together because both non-profit organizations share the mission to provide wellness education. Cancer Support Community (formerly known as The Wellness Community) provides social service support, free of charge to cancer patients and their caregivers.10365966_316845091827544_7334242715703414145_n

The fundraiser was a complete success with a buzz cascading through The Oaks. Once again, F4TC strikes an unmistakable, resonating chord in its early phases of operation. Next week, Anthem Blue Cross hosts F4TC to raise money for the American Diabetes Association. Principally produced for Anthem Blue Cross employees, the organization will match every personal contribution related to this event led by former Olympic figure skater Jonathan DePaz. Earlier this year, Anthem Blue Cross hosted a F4TC event at their Westlake Village campus to raise money for Cancer Support Community. Join the movement to make America healthier while contributing to health related causes!

Written by Sam Felton, Intern and  Journalism Major