CINNAMON. One of the oldest spices in the world and yet it never loses its charm. Cinnamon is so tasty and healthy for you, that you cant’ help LOVE it. And I am not talking about cinnamon as in Cinnamon Toast Crunch or the Fireball whiskey you had over the weekend! Here are a few health benefits of cinnamon that makes you want MORE: 1. Cinnamon is an excellent source of manganese, a mineral that is essential to building healthy bones. 2. Calling all diabetics! Cinnamon has been proven to help regulate blood sugar. Cinnamon stabilizes the blood sugar in those who have Type 2 Diabetes, by refining the ability to react to insulin. 3. Cinnamon supports healthy blood clotting by thinning the blood and prevent clumping of platelets in the blood, according to research. 4. Cinnamon is known to improve brain health. Some research states how the flavor and even the aroma of cinnamon performs as a cognitive stimulant, which could possibly improve memory. Quick ways to add cinnamon into your diet: -Sprinkle cinnamon on toast with peanut butter. -Throw some cinnamon into your daily protein shake. -Lightly sprinkle cinnamon on some fruit such as apples or bananas. -Toss some cinnamon into your oatmeal or in your yogurt.

Written by Danielle Maina, NASM Certified Nutritionist