Lets face it. We all could use a little more energy during our busy days. Our society is notorious for being sleep deprived, stressed, overweight and tend to have poor eating habits. All these factors contribute to low energy levels. 

FOOD is the only way to obtain sustainable energy and to get us through our crazy jammed pack days! Here are a few ways to BOOST your energy when you feel yourself dozing off at work or when you don’t have the energy to go run errands.

1. Eat FREQUENTLY: make sure to eat every 3-4 hours to keep your energy going during the day. Eating frequently will help you stay much more focused and you will feel better over all.

2. Eat WELL-BALANCED meals: make sure you are getting in a combination of micronutrients, such as complex carbohydrates/fiber rich foods such fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and some healthy fats. Eating a balanced meal provides the sustainable energy needed to get you through the day.

3. Eat SNACKS: and I am not talking about chips, cookies, and a nibble of this and that here and there. I am talking protein and fiber-filled snacks! Many people starve themselves between meals which not only makes you sluggish but also messes with your metabolism (and you don’t want to mess with that)! Eating protein and fiber-rich snacks helps to provide sustained energy and will keep you feeling full without feeling starved. Snacking on Greek yogurt and berries, hard-boiled eggs & an apple, or even some nuts with carrots will do just the trick!

4. ELIMINATE “energy” drinks: this may be hard for some to do but it is so crucial to eliminate the fully sugared coffee drinks (I am talking about the frappaccinos with whipped cream), energy drinks and yes, soda. Drinking these bad boys may leave you feeling SUPER for a minimal amount of time the inevitable crash is right around the corner. You may also be dehydrated if you’re feeling very low in energy. Make sure to drink a MINIMUM of 8 cups of water a day. If water is just too boring for you, try throwing lemon, cucumbers or berries in for more flavors. Some other suggestions are unsweetened tea, or even low-calorie flavored waters.

Written By Danielle Maina, NASM Certified Nutritionist


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