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Your dollars support 1500 low-income beneficiaries (unique individuals).

Robust programming is our priority, working with community partners to provide daily classes, specialty training, nutrition counsel, food prep and healthy cooking for low-income communities. Fit 4 The Cause serves vulnerable children at Ventura County’s Public Schools, at-risk teens through after school programs and fragile seniors with free community classes throughout Los Angeles County and Thousand Oaks. 

We take pride in directly funding physical fitness programs with your donations. A grant from Ventura County Human Services allows us rent free office space at Community Conscience where we live and serve 12 local non-profit organizations. The founder gave up her corporate salary to serve the community with her heart, soul and body. She keeps operating costs low and service provision high, filling the healthcare crisis void with practical solutions.



Agoura Power of Yoga
Bay Club
Caruso Property Management
Cycle Bar
Conejo Valley Unified School District
Fitness Movement
Garden of Yoga
Hueneme Elementary School District
Kids World
KO Studios
My Health Studio
New Chapter Fitness
Ocean Valley School District
The Stadium
Stevenson Fitness
SE Ventura YMCA



Fit 4 The Cause provides health enhancing education and services to approximately 1,500 people at low-income housing communities (such as Many Mansions), schools and senior centers, on a year-round basis.  Since we serve predominantly low-income communities where the need is greatest, there is never a fee for our classes or services.  All classes are conducted by supportive and expertly trained instructors, some of whom volunteer their time or work at reduced rates.  Fit 4 The Cause services include:

  • Dance, Yoga and Physical Fitness programs for elementary school children at Ventura County’s low-income public schools.
  • Free Community Group Fitness Classes throughout Ventura County, Conejo Valley and the San Fernando Valley.
  • Weight Loss Coaching for low-income individuals.
  • Personal Training for low-income individuals.
  • Nutrition Counseling, Food Preparation and Healthy Cooking for low-income individuals.
  • Functional Exercise Training for low-income groups with special needs.
  • Fitness Certification Scholarships for low-income individuals.
  • Zumba® Classes for low-income communities.
  • Recognition Programs for individuals who smash health obstacles through physical fitness.
  • Health Professional Referral Program for low-income individuals.
  • Fun Fitness Race Event Coaching for low-income individuals.
  • Sophisticated health education seminars presented by our medical professionals (Memory Enhancement, Brain Fitness, and heart health).

Our programs instill a passion for wellness and expand opportunities for primary preventative care that may benefit participants to improve their quality of life for the long term.

  • "Without organizations like Fit 4 The Cause, we can't do what we do."
    Bonnie SchlachteBallet For All Kids
  • This community class is open to everyone at no charge. The Fit 4 The Cause community makes you feel welcome immediately. Even as a novice, I have fun and easily follow along. This class is motivating and allows you to concentrate on being in the moment. When the class ends, I have so much energy that lasts through the weekend.
    Shelley YukelsonBeneficiary
  • I am a survivor. But, since meeting and working with Cindy – I am now Thriving! This week, I went to The City of Hope for my lab work and check-up with my oncologist. The results are in and quite simply…..I am outstanding. I have never been this fit, developing core strength, and healthier in general.
    Lesli Moore DahlkeBeneficiary
  • What has been done thus far with Fit 4 The Cause is most impressive.  Lots of mind-boggling effort, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness.
    Noeleta E. LaceyAdvanced Records Management Inc.