hallieCelebrating our two-year anniversary of IRS determination, we now provide exercise therapy and nutrition education services to 200 unduplicated beneficiaries.  Our service provision focuses on helping individuals or groups who need to get healthy through sustainable fitness programs.  Working closely with medical professionals, we tailor programs for low-income groups, diabetics, fragile seniors, at-risk teens and others across the mobility spectrum.  We depend on licensed professionals who can volunteer their time to help us implement our mission.  Our village keeps growing as we monitor our beneficiaries whose vital signs are dramatically improving.  As strategically planned for 2017, Fit 4 the Cause will only share net event proceeds with other non-profit organizations as an extraordinary exception to our policies.  As our beneficiaries and affiliates grow, our efficient operational costs continue to increase.  Our greatest challenge is finding the licensed fitness professionals who can serve the many groups and individuals who desperately need our services.  We will continue to provide physical fitness programs for our beneficiaries and donors in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.  We think globally and act locally and as a result, we are filling a gap by keeping people healthy. We thank our board’s marketing chair, Christopher Woo of C2 Technology and Small Dog Creative for visually capturing our service evolution on our revamped website.   


studio-bpmF4TC is extremely thankful to Studio BPM owners, Marcus and Stacey McKinnon for this new collaborative affiliation serving our local community’s health needs together. 

When a board member has a child with a health concern, our Fit 4 the Cause community jumps in to pump their bodies raising funds and awareness.  Although several F4TC board members have personally contributed to help Kimberly Bordonaro’s son get a service dog—our partnership with BPM STUDIO in Agoura Hills will do even more.  On Saturday, September 10th at Noon, 20 cyclers fill 20 bikes to benefit A Superdog For Sebastian. 

Sebastian is like any other 5 year-old boy.  However, Sebastian has autism and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).  Sebastian’s SPD gives him a super hero body.  His autism gives him a super hero brain. One great addition to this is to have a special-trained super hero dog to be by his side.  Sebastian’s SPD causes him to be extremely hypo-sensitive in many areas.  He doesn’t feel pain and other sensations like most people do.  This makes him want to impulsively run, spin, crash and jump so he can get the sensations his body craves.  Sebastian has trouble focusing in loud, busy places like the school auditorium or restaurant.  Many times, he does not  want to leave the activities or places he likes and prefers to control his situation because of this and may have a “sensory meltdown.”  This superhero dog will aid in safety awareness, undesirable behaviors, social interactions, balance and comfort during high anxiety situations. 


finished3After four months of arduous crowd funding, six teams of swimmers dove in, swam 5000 yards and thoroughly exhausted themselves for the cause at The Miller Family YMCA. Living with three cancers, our gala’s Lifetime Achievement Award winner Lesli Moore Dahlke completed the race with grace.  Other swimmers with joint pain, diabetes, high blood pressure and other ailments powered through their 50 laps (100 lengths) and accepted their victory medals with waterlogged glee.  Last year our board and fitness followers dashed through the mud before cleaning up for our Miracle of Movement Gala—this year we got soggy and soaked, cleaning up nicely again for our Winter Solstice Formal set for January 21st at North Ranch Country Club. Join our Champions, All-Stars & Player Sponsors because our last gala sold out!   For sponsorship inquiries please contact cindy@brpublicrelations.com or dee.levy@bbsihg.com. We expect 325 guests as we honor our champions, Lesli Moore Dahlke, Stephani Victor, Heywood Friedman and William Powell. 


For the third consecutive year, we enter “Thriller Dance” mode celebrating Halloween through 2.5 hours of community movement.  Everyone is invited encouraged to dress in their creepiest attire while moving to the beats led by Amanda Welti and her Zumba team.  One of our 2017 Gala honorees, William H. Powell is the Vice President of Casa Pacifica’s board, kicking off another wonderful collaboration between two serious minded non-profit organizations.  We look forward to working closely together, tackling our community’s mental health concerns and providing mentorship through strategic wellness education programs.