Lesli Moore Dahlke


“My treasure has been the immeasurable “gift” of meeting Fit 4 The Cause’s Founder, Cindy Rakowitz. I am a survivor. But, since meeting and working with Cindy – I am now Thriving! This week, I went to The City of Hope for my lab work and check-up with my oncologist. The results are in and quite simply…..I am outstanding. I have never been this fit, developing core strength, and healthier in general. Cindy’s passion for fitness proves she is a consummate professional. Her focus is on her client’s personal needs and attention to detail. All the time making it fun — a winning combination! I have accomplished and achieved a fantastic victory of well-being. Her techniques are spot-on. Deeply devoted and dedicated to her clients, her energizing spirit is infectious!”

Shelley Yukelson


“Eternally thankful to Fit 4 the Cause’s Founder, Cindy Rakowitz for giving her time, passion and knowledge at our weekly community class. This community class is open to everyone at no charge. The Fit 4 The Cause community makes you feel welcome immediately. Even as a novice, I have fun and easily follow along. This class is motivating and allows you to concentrate on being in the moment. When the class ends, I have so much energy that lasts through the weekend. I also want to thank my friend, Hallie Blau who is a F4TC Board Member and always at my side, cheering me on and helping me out in this one-of-a-kind group fitness class.”

Noeleta E. Lacey

Advanced Records Management Inc.

“What has been done thus far with Fit 4 The Cause is most impressive. Lots of mind-boggling effort, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness.”

Our Elementary School Children

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Featured Beneficiaries

Because of You….we brought Zoom powered group fitness classes to our most vulnerable participants immediately after lockdown. This campaign features many of our service recipients who build their quarantined days around our generous class schedule. While keeping safe at home, these fragile groups continue exercising, mitigating social isolation, obesity, depression and compromised immune systems. Thank YOU, for continuing to support our active non-profit organization so we can keep the world moving


“At any time during life, but especially during a pandemic, an exercise group not only helps you stay healthy but also offers a very valuable social and emotional outlet. It’s how we can connect with others.”

Walt and Pam are local seniors who have found great value in the programs offered by Fit 4 the Cause. Pam is a California native who graduated from UCLA and became a teacher. She was a runner at a younger age, but eventually needed an ACL replacement. She got involved at a local gym as an alternative to running and eventually found the Silver Sneakers Program and Fit 4 the Cause…

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“At a time when I was feeling helpless, online classes helped more than I could begin to say. Cindy and the organization inspire so many.”

Diane lives in NYC and was unable to continue to exercise when stay at home orders began. She cant express how difficult it was to be in New York City at that time. It was the epicenter of Covid 19 and NYC was in lockdown. The streets were deserted. It was emotionally grueling and traumatizing. Training with Fit 4 the Cause allowed Diane to get back into a routine and she has been so grateful. Her Zoom sessions gave her a way to recharge…

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“My whole life was being somebody else’s something. Fit 4 the Cause has allowed me not only to be healthier but to be my own something.”

Irene made the decision to move to California and also decided to commit to exercise and weight loss. This eventually led her to meet the Founder and Executive Director of Fit 4 the Cause, Cindy Rakowitz, SCTE (ACE), while exercising in Silver Sneakers at a local gym. The two women formed an immediate bond. Irene eventually began exercising in a Fit 4 the Cause weekly Senior Fitness Group led by Cindy. It was here that she found her reason to be her own “something.” …

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Why We Volunteer for Fit 4 The Cause

Join the hundreds of Fit 4 The Cause volunteers serving over 1,500 beneficiaries including vulnerable children, at risk teens and fragile seniors in Ventura, Simi Valley, Conejo Valley and the San Fernando Valley.
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