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Fit 4 The Cause Testimonials

Bonnie Schlachte

Matt Kamin

Chris Stevenson

Dee Levy & The Board of Directors

Brady Poppinga

Tomm Looney

Leslie Moore

“My treasure has been the immeasurable “gift” of meeting Fit 4 The Cause’s Founder, Cindy Rakowitz. I am a survivor. But, since meeting and working with Cindy – I am now Thriving! This week, I went to The City of Hope for my lab work and check-up with my oncologist. The results are in and quite simply…..I am outstanding. I have never been this fit, developing core strength, and healthier in general. Cindy’s passion for fitness proves she is a consummate professional. Her focus is on her client’s personal needs and attention to detail. All the time making it fun — a winning combination! I have accomplished and achieved a fantastic victory of well-being. Her techniques are spot-on. Deeply devoted and dedicated to her clients, her energizing spirit is infectious!”


Lesli Moore Dahlke, Beneficiary

“Eternally thankful to Fit 4 the Cause’s Founder, Cindy Rakowitz for giving her time, passion and knowledge at our weekly community class.  This community class is open to everyone at no charge.  The Fit 4 The Cause community makes you feel welcome immediately. Even as a novice, I have fun and easily follow along.  This class is motivating and allows you to concentrate on being in the moment.  When the class ends, I have so much energy that lasts through the weekend.  I also want to thank my friend, Hallie Blau who is a F4TC Board Member and always at my side, cheering me on and helping me out in this one-of-a-kind group fitness class.”


Shelley Yukelson, Beneficiary

“What has been done thus far with Fit 4 The Cause is most impressive.  Lots of mind-boggling effort, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness.”


Noeleta E. Lacey, Advanced Records Management Inc.

Our Elementary School Children…

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