It’s that time of the year where we begin seeing this fruit out at BBQs as a side on a hot summer evening. The sweet and refreshing fruit I’m speaking of is watermelon. Deliciousness aside, it has a handful of nutritional benefits and better yet, it’s low in calories! Watermelon contains vitamins and minerals like vitamin A (an antioxidant, and great for eye health), vitamin C (helots to strengthen the immune system) and vitamin B6 (which is crucial for brain function). Ever wonder why watermelons are so red? This is due to them containing high concentrations of the antioxidant known as lycopene.

Last but not least, these suckers a great source of potassium, which helps with muscle and nerve function. So with all this being said, head on out to the nearest market and grab yourself several of these bad boys! They’ll taste even better on the hot days that are upon us!




-Written by Danielle Maina, NASM Certified Nutritionist