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Traditional press reviews have the power to make or break a new release or attraction. After receiving our IRS determination 14 months ago, the world now knows who we are and what we do! Fit 4 The Cause is a thriving non-profit noted for its commitment to philanthropy and compliance. Admired for its record of accomplishment and promoting fitness lifestyles for all populations through its endorphin releasing programs and promotions, F4TC is now sustainable.

This special newsletter commemorates our organization’s coming out party through a photographic recap.   We are very grateful to everyone in our community who selflessly contribute to our cause.

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Fitness Fundraising NPO Announces Growing Team

Rytterager-KastenbaumLauren Rytterager-Nickel (pictured at left with Board Member David S. Kastenbaum), of Simi Valley, has joined the organization as its new Junior Executive Director, assisting Founder, Cindy Rakowitz with day-to-day tasks. Rytterager-Nickel has experience in counseling and mental health coaching, much of which she acquired working with families in South Africa. Additionally, she works as a fitness professional with The Perfect Workout in Thousand Oaks.

[rescue_box color=”gray” text_align=”left” width=”100%” float=”none”]“I’m thrilled to bring Lauren on to assist with daily responsibilities. Since we are perpetually expanding our reach throughout the community and seeking more ambitious goals, having Lauren as an anchor will be immensely helpful,” said Rakowitz. “Her experience working with at-risk populations locally and overseas has instilled in her the kind of passion we want to bring into the folds of the organization. Lauren is a tremendous asset.”[/rescue_box]

[rescue_clear_floats]FIT 4 THE CAUSE™ also welcomed two members to its Board of Directors.

Mary J. Ott (below, 3rd from right, with the Board of Directors) is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who studied dietetics and exercise physiology throughout California and currently resides in Simi Valley. Her expertise in nutrition aligns with the organization’s goal to retain and attract directors in the health and fitness industry. Ott has worked at Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center since 1997.


David S. Kestenbaum (above, 2nd from right) is a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor known for his high profile cases and winning record. He has been practicing law for 36 years, during which time he served on the Board of Governors of California Attorneys for Criminal Justice and the Board of Trustees of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association.[/rescue_column]

[rescue_box color=”gray” text_align=”left” width=”100%” float=”none”]“Mary and David are tenacious, hard-working professionals with a heart for serving their communities. Our team is growing by leaps and bounds, and each addition brings a valuable and unique skill that will propel us to the next level again and again,” said Rakowitz. “The stronger the talent amongst board and staff, the more individuals we can help lead healthier, happier lives through the work of the organization.”[/rescue_box]

Fitness Fundraising NPO Now Resides Alongside Other Health Agencies

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FIT 4 THE CAUSE™ Newest Tenant At Community Conscience/Under One Roof

sapka-brittFIT 4 THE CAUSE™, a nonprofit that raises funds and awareness for health related causes, announced the organization’s additional location at Community Conscience/Under One Roof, a facility that houses health services agencies free of charge.

We are most excited to collaborate and develop sustainable relationships with the other non-profit organizations who are a part of this amazing consortium.

Community Conscience Executive Direct Robin Britt (above on the right, with Steve Sapka) is pleased to add Fit 4 The Cause to the list of community-serving agencies in the building, known as “Under One Roof.”

[rescue_box color=”gray” text_align=”left” width=”100%” float=”none”]“There are a total of 13 non-profit organizations housed here rent-free,” Britt said. “The money they save can go to the exceptional services provided to clients in need. The non-profits in our building work as allies, referring clients to each other. Fit 4 The Cause can now have a presence in the Conejo Valley, giving them access to more health related causes while making a positive impact on the community. They are a wonderful addition to the services already provided here, and we see an opportunity of growth for all of us.” [/rescue_box]

[rescue_clear_floats]PROGRAM OUTREACH

Many Mansions

Cindy Rakowitz visits three locations during fourth quarter 2015 educating residents about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.


Trainer TortureTrainer Torture benefiting Life After Brain Injury

Make a pledge to turn the tables on your favorite fitness professional

David Adelman pledged $100 for Cindy Rakowitz’ completion of 300 skaters.

What will you have your trainer do??


Tis the Season: 365 Days of Giving

Ray-800Last year, Fit 4 The Cause featured its team of volunteer fitness professionals in its first annual Holiday Calendar.  The 2016 Calendar zooms in on the extraordinary individuals who smash obstacles every day.  Here’s a sneak peek at Ray Diaz, an extreme athlete from Queens, New York.  After recently losing his legs in an accident, his life isn’t easy.  “I swear, if I had the chance to go back to what I was…I wouldn’t,” says Diaz.  “I wouldn’t have my life any other way than what it is.”  A Crossfit Ridgewood regular, Diaz rocks every strength challenge whether sporting his prosthetics or not!  Please contact us if you’d like a copy of  our 2016 Fit 4 The Cause Holiday Calendar. Your donations are always appreciated and 70% of all proceeds go direct to programs that improve the health and well-being for all populations. (Photo Courtesy of Kacey Livingston)