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  • This Thanksgiving Dish Up Some Gratitude

    A Second Helping of Gratitude I was driving near my home the other day and I always make a point to glance over towards the wash that surrounds my neighborhood. As luck would have it, I spotted my favorite bird, a Snowy Egret. I walked over just in time to see him in graceful flight overhead. I then looked back

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  • Protein is Everywhere!

    As most of you know, my goal in all things “nutrition” is to guide my readers and my clients towards finding a good balance for everything in their lives. How and what we eat is part of that balance.  I encourage you to listen to your body. It’s the best way I know of to figure out what you need.

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  • You Can Eat All This!

    I recently gave a series of workshops that dealt with understanding why we crave foods that are bad for us and struggle with eating the foods that makes us feel good, inside and out. The bottom line is that we all know what we should and shouldn’t be eating. True, there is a huge glut of information that continues to

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  • How To Eat Well When Traveling

    Summer time sends many of us on the road to happy travels. Where are you headed this summer? Are you off to visit those relatives you love and miss so much? Are you road tripping it and sightseeing the many great spots there are out there to see? Are you headed to a foreign land or a tropical beach? Traveling

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  • Eliminate Stress to Feel Your Best

    Eliminate Stress to Feel Your Best by Edie Ruge  Eating well and exercising are two of the most important ingredients for a healthy lifestyle and yet, there’s one more necessary component to add to the list. That key ingredient is how to eliminate stress in our lives. Even the healthiest eater, who exercises regularly, is still at risk for illness

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  • Nutrition Through the Ages: Men (ages 20-50)

    Written by: Danielle Maina   Men’s health has been on my heart quite a bit lately. It’s easy for me to get locked in on women’s health issues but ever since I’ve been living with my better half Marcus, my perspective has changed. So many of our loved ones: his parents, my parents, our aunts, our uncles, grandparents (you get

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